Overview and Benefits of Employee Art Program

This program is a celebration of personal creativity that brings connection to your staff and personalizes your workspaces. Employees submit photographs or other flat artworks to be professionally printed, mounted, and displayed in your offices or in their home workspace. They can join a creative community for inspiration, critique and feedback. You get beautiful artwork for the offices that is meaningful to your staff. I come help you hang the works and meet with the people who participated to show off your commitment to a happy and stimulated workforce. Employees keep their own artworks. Repeat yearly.

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Fit Assessment 

Is Employee Art Program likely to be a good fit for your company or organization - are people likely to participate and how would it be received in your culture? This is a 5 minute assessment so you may not find a nuanced answer that exactly matches your organization. Pick the choice that most closely represents the way your organization thinks and operates. Do you personally hold those same viewpoints or would your personal score come out differently?

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Watch the overview above first, then go here to see what's expected of a program coordinator, what you can expect as a program participant, and schedule a call with me.

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