Get a Free Print

If you think an Employee Art Program would be a good fit for your workplace; the best way to introduce it is to actually display something at your place of work to start the conversation. Use the form here to send me one photograph or artwork that is able to be printed for display. I will prepare, print, mount and ship the artwork for you to display where you work - free to you of course.


We can only print images that you own the rights to reproduce. By submitting a photo or artwork to print you agree that you have the rights to reproduce this image.

Before you submit this, there are a few qualifiers I am looking for:

  1. You work in an office setting with other staff on a daily basis
  2. The company you work for employs 300 or more people who work in an office environment daily - not necessarily all in your building or branch, but total in the company.
  3. You can send me a photo of the office where you work and where you will display this photograph or artwork.
  4. Limit to three individuals per business/company for free prints, and your business offices must be located in the United States.